4 Benefits of Hand-Poured Soy Candles

Scented candles are some of the best gifts you can buy for your loved ones, and Wicked Sense makes wonderful hand-poured soy candles. Not only do our candles at Wicked Sense smell absolutely wonderful, they help eliminate odors. Whether you have a pet or you frequently cook, it’s convenient to have an odor-eliminating candle nearby…read more

What Your Favorite Scented Incense Stick Says About You

Are you a fan of incense? At Wicked Sense, we offer a variety of different hand-dipped incense sticks to help eliminate odor and enhance your living environment. Our incense sticks come in a variety of different scents suited for every occasion in your home. Do you have a favorite fragrance? See what your favorite incense…read more

Holidays Have You Feeling Incensed? Here Are More Tips On Calming Down

Welcome back to our series on staying calm, cool, and collected during the craziness of the holidays! In our first blog, we talked about some smaller steps you can take to maintain and regulate your well-being throughout the season. As we’ve talked about, the holidays can be associated with a lot of stress, and Wicked…read more

Celebrate Fall in a Scentsible Way

It’s fall at last! The season for chillier nights and apple bites, the start of several months full of holidays and feasts, fall is seemingly one of the most perfect and brief parts of our year. Since it goes by so fast, we always want to take advantage of the season to the best of…read more

All About Incense!

Welcome to the Wicked Sense blog! In our inaugural post, we will discuss how purchasing stick incense is about the most scents-ible thing you could do. There are countless benefits to purchasing incense, and our varieties are guaranteed to provide you with any fragrance you’re looking for. Find out more about the benefits of stick…read more