Celebrate Fall in a Scentsible Way

It’s fall at last! The season for chillier nights and apple bites, the start of several months full of holidays and feasts, fall is seemingly one of the most perfect and brief parts of our year. Since it goes by so fast, we always want to take advantage of the season to the best of our ability.

Wicked Sense thinks there are so many ways to celebrate fall, and one of the most scentsible things you can do is find all the aromas of autumn at our online candle store! We have the hand dipped incense and odor eliminating candles you need to enhance your environment all year long. Take a look at some ways to celebrate fall, and shop our online candle store today!

Enjoy the great outdoors.

Of course, this is one of the best seasons temperature-wise, but fall is also one of the best times to get outside. For just a few short weeks, the leaves and trees put on a colorful show for everyone to enjoy. Wicked Sense ships soy candles and stick incense across the US, and we know that not every place has the same scenery come September and October. But whether you’re in Arizona, Florida, or another state that might not experience as many of the changing leaves, this is still a great time to get outdoors. The heat and the humidity are beginning to subside at last, making this a perfect opportunity to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Go for a hike, visit a national park, rent a kayak—whatever you decide to do, you pretty much can’t go wrong when you’re outside during autumn. Also, be sure to take your camera to capture the fleeting beauty of the season!

Warm up indoors.

Just as great as it is to get outside during the fall months, staying inside is just as wonderful in its own way. There’s something so perfect about enjoying a rainy, cooler fall day snuggled up with blankets and a book. With fall comes Halloween, making this an ideal time to get cozy on a cold night and watch a scary movie. The only thing that could enhance a picturesque evening even more is by adding some candles to the ambiance. Our Carving Pumpkin candle is the ideal addition to your fall days and nights indoors, setting the tone with the seasonal scents we love. Order yours today!

Change your wardrobe.

Swapping out your closet clothes might sound boring, but it’s actually going to feel super satisfying. Fall means scarves, boots, long warm socks, and flannels—who could ask for anything more? Putting all that summer stuff away and bringing out the fall wardrobe is a great way to celebrate fall, and will serve as a reminder for all those cute clothes you had temporarily forgotten about.

Not to mention, this gives you a reason to think about updating your wardrobe as well. If some of your fall pieces are seeming slightly outdated or aren’t fitting as well, this can be an excellent opportunity to go shopping. And if you just want to shop for the sake of shopping, that’s perfectly acceptable as well.

Do some seasonal activities.

There are so many things that can only be completed and tried in the fall. Since one of the symbols of autumn is the pumpkin, it only makes sense to gather up some friends and hit up a pumpkin patch. Invite people back to your place to carve and decorate, serve up some spiced cider, and enjoy!

While a pumpkin patch is a great seasonal activity, the other thing that should absolutely be done in tandem is visiting an apple orchard. Whether you prefer to pick your own or purchase some in bulk, an apple orchard is going to have you relishing in all things fall. Don’t forget to try a piece of apple pie or apple crisp, and of course enjoy some homemade apple cider to really solidify the autumnal experience!

Additionally, be sure to check out a corn maze somewhere nearby! These days, corn mazes look less like something you’d find in a coloring book and more of a work of art. If you’re feeling up for a little more thrill, look into some nearby haunted houses or barns to play up the spooky nature of this month.

While you can definitely watch a scary movie at any point in time, there’s something about watching them specifically in October. Whether you’re indulging in classics like “Halloween” or “The Shining,” or are embracing newer thrillers like “Stranger Things,” you pretty much can’t go wrong. Watch on your own time, or invite others over to make it an event!

Make some seasonal foods.

After you’ve visited the apple orchard, you’re going to have some delightful spoils of the season. Try out some new recipes or some classics to enjoy apple pies, breads, and anything else that will make your kitchen smell about as wonderful as our candles will. Another thing that’s great about fall is that soup season is back. You obviously couldn’t enjoy a piping hot bowl of chicken tortilla soup on a 90° day, but temps in the 50s and 60s mean that soups and stews are back on the menu. Get the crockpot out, get the turkey chili going, and savor the season for all of its infinite food wonders.

Embrace the fall flavors.

In addition to enjoying some seasonal foods, this carries over into scents and flavors as a whole. Pumpkin spice might cause an equal amount of cheers as it does groans, but it can’t be denied—pumpkin spice is delicious. For all the naysayers of this flavor that’s essentially gone viral over the past few years, no one turns down a slice of pumpkin pie. Or a pumpkin spice latte. Or a pumpkin candle. Or anything pumpkin, because pumpkin is a great time. In addition to our Carving Pumpkin candle, our Holiday Dessert candle brings an incredible balance of cinnamon and pumpkin baked goods that will have your home smelling amazing.

Just as we don’t do a whole lot of pumpkin-flavored things outside of fall, the same can be said for all things apple. Our A for Apple candle is another great way to embrace the spices and scents of fall! Whether you’re baking with these flavors or just want to smell them, these purchases from our online candle store just make scents.

Fall is the time of year that is such a cause for celebration. There are so many wonderful things to do and see and enjoy, and since everything goes by all too quickly, it’s so important to take the time to slow down for a moment and take it all in. Our collection of candles and hand dipped incense is the perfect way for you to sit back and relish in all that fall has to offer. And considering our candles have a burn time of 70 hours, you might just get to extend the season a little past when the last leaf falls.

No matter which scent you choose, your decision to shop our online candle store makes Wicked Sense. Check out our fragrant varieties today, purchase your candles and stick incense today, and enjoy the rest of the season!