What Your Favorite Scented Incense Stick Says About You

Are you a fan of incense? At Wicked Sense, we offer a variety of different hand-dipped incense sticks to help eliminate odor and enhance your living environment. Our incense sticks come in a variety of different scents suited for every occasion in your home. Do you have a favorite fragrance? See what your favorite incense says about you:

Choco Bomb

If you’re a chocoholic, you’ll love our Choco Bomb incense sticks. Clearly, you enjoy the finer things in life and sensual pleasures. You could be found reclining on your velvet couch munching on chocolate-dipped strawberries as you watch your favorite movie, Chocolat. In addition to burning incense, you love taking bubble baths surrounded by our hand-poured soy candles.

Cool Water Type

Even in the most heated situations, you keep your cool. With such a calm demeanor, you would make an excellent paramedic or pilot. People are drawn to your easy-going nature and feel more tranquil simply by being in your presence. You love spending time in a lakeside cabin, enjoying the serenity.

Fresh Citrus

A true go-getter, your bright and cheerful nature can uplift your friends when they’re feeling down. With seemingless endless amounts of energy, you get things done. On vacation, you prefer to be sipping a margarita on the beach and soaking up the sun.


If you love the smell of rose, you’re a classic romantic. In the mornings, you enjoy sipping tea in your favorite chair by the fireplace reading your favorite Emily Bronte novel. An excellent listener, your friends come to you when they need a shoulder to cry on. You have a soft spot for fluffy dogs and love sipping on rosé.

Wicked Jean

Although you may be a kind girl at heart, you’ve got a wild side. You love to head to the club and dance the night away with friends. With a love for travel and adventure, you are highly likely to pack a bag on a whim and take a last minute road trip.

Green Apple

You may be sweet, but you’ve got a little bite in your personality as well. You tell it like it is, which sometimes lands you in hot water. Your optimistic nature helps keep things in perspective even when you find yourself in tough situations.

Passion Twist

With such a vivacious personality, you draw people to you like a magnet. With a flair for the drama, you love participating in dance performances and stage productions. Your favorite style of dance is the Tango, and you love to wear dramatic evening gowns.

Winter Mint

While most people are hunkering down during the winter, you’re living it up! Winter activities are your jam, and you love snowboarding, skiing and snowshoeing. At night, you can be found hanging out at the local pub sitting a hot toddy by the fireplace.

Which scented incense is your favorite? You’ll love our hand-dipped incense at Wicked Sense so much that you may buy a variety of different fragrances to accommodate your different moods. For the best scented incense sticks, shop our selection today.