Wicked Sense Nose Best: Tips on Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving Part II

Welcome back to our blog on hosting the perfect Thanksgiving! In our first blog, we talked about all the important parts leading up to Thanksgiving and how you can get ready for the big day. Today we’ll dive into the day itself, and how you can make sure your event goes wonderfully from start to finish.

Whether you’re hosting a holiday or are just needing some soothing aromas on an average Tuesday, Wicked Sense has the products for you. Our online candle store has the best in hand dipped incense and odor-eliminating candles, and with a burn time of over 70 hours, purchasing from us just makes scents. Read on to see some holiday hosting tips that you can use this Thanksgiving, and order from Wicked Sense today!

Get the timing down.

Happy Thanksgiving! The day is finally here! One of the most important strategies to hosting an event (and cooking in general) is to get the timing down perfectly. Having a cooked turkey hours before guests arrive or having everything cooked and ready except for the mashed potatoes are some less-than-ideal scenarios. Do some research on what you’re cooking (and if your guests are bringing anything that requires cooking at your place), and plan a schedule of when you’re going to start each dish.

In a perfect situation, your guests have time to mingle and munch on some apps for a little while, then everything can be presented at once and served up hot.

Relax and unwind.

One of the best things about Thanksgiving isn’t actually the food (though that’s of course the main event), it’s the part after where everyone blissfully coexists in a food coma. As we mentioned in Part I of Thanksgiving blog series, creating a space for everyone to chill out after excessive eating is simply amazing. Binge-watch some Thanksgiving-themed episodes from shows like “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother,” or pop in a timeless movie. Snuggle up with some blankets and pillows, keep food available for when people start to get hungry again, and everyone will be contentedly enjoying their day in the best of ways.

Clean up and put away.

Yeah, we know it’s not nearly as fun, but cleaning up everything is better done now than later, when everything is crusted over and harder to wash. Plus, you’ll want to put all of your food stuffs away now so that you don’t have to worry about certain food safety things.

If you really want to be the host with the most, send your guests home with some holiday goods! It will require less cleanup for you, will take up less space in your fridge, and is highly in line with the spirit of thanks and giving. Your guests will forever think of you as the best Thanksgiving host they know (which to be honest, you probably are).

Hosting Thanksgiving can seem stressful, and if that’s the case, it’s time for you to purchase from our online candle store. Our soothing soy scented candles and hand dipped incense (in varieties such as Sage Thyme Fusion and Green Apple) are exactly what you need to treat yourself for throwing an amazing event. Check out our online candle store today, and enjoy your Thanksgiving!